Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file carrying bits of information about the activity of a user on a website and storing them on the device used to access the website. Cookies do not harm your device and allow us to offer you a better browsing experience and quicker response on our website. 

Any additional information, including that allowing us to serve you ads, shall only be stored upon your prior consent to be given by any of the means specified below. You can change your preferences about cookies at any time via the Privacy Preference Center which is accessible thorough the cookie settings at the bottom of this page.

We recommend you to carefully read the following information to better understand what type of cookies we use and how you can customize the use of cookies based on your preferences.

Type of cookies we may use on the website

Our website may use both cookies that do not need your consent to be downloaded onto your device and cookies that can be downloaded only upon your prior consent.


  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies (NOT requiring your prior consent): These are necessary for the operation of the website, including to perform tasks such as providing services which you request over the website, recording your preferences (for example, cookie preferences) and keeping you logged into your registered account. To ensure proper operation of such cookies and ensure recording of your preferences, these cookies shall not be deleted when you finish browsing. Notwithstanding, these cookies shall have a validity period (not exceeding 2 years) beyond which they will be automatically deactivated. These cookies and information carried by them shall not be used for purposes other than those described above. Installation of strictly necessary cookies does not require your prior consent: we automatically set them on your device when you access the website or make specific choices on the website (for instance, when you select your cookie preferences, or click the “Remember me” option). You may decide to delete these cookies thereafter through your browser’s settings (more information on this is provided below).


  1. Performance Cookies (requiring your prior CONSENT): These are used to count visits and traffic sources to the website, so that we are able to measure the website’s performance (by checking which pages and sections are more popular, and better understand how users make user of our website), to identify areas in need of improvement. The information collected by these cookies is aggregated, so that it cannot be linked to any individual user – this makes that information anonymous. You can freely choose not to allow these cookies from the start, or you can disable these cookies later, through the Privacy Preference Center (more information on this is provided below).


  1. Functional Cookies (requiring your prior CONSENT): These are necessary for specific functions that you interact with within the website, such as videos or live chats, to work properly. They can be used, for example, to store technical data needed to playback video or audio content that you might interact with on the website. These cookies are set on your device, either by us or by the third parties providing the specific functions in question, when such functions are loaded (either automatically, or when you engage them on the website). You may decide to disable these cookies at any time through the Privacy Preference Center (more information on this is provided below). 


  1. Targeting Cookies (requiring your prior CONSENT): Our website also uses targeting cookies, which can only be installed upon your prior consent. Targeting cookies installed by this website include cookies belonging to third parties, always provided that you give your prior consent to the relevant installation. You can freely choose not to allow these cookies from the start, or you can disable these cookies later, through the Privacy Preference Center (more information on this is provided below).


Such third parties may access the information collected through their cookies. A non-exhaustive list of said third parties is the following:

Google Inc. (through its services Google Analytics and Google Doubleclick and, where applicable, through the Google Plus plug-in)

Facebook (through plug-ins)

Twitter (through plug-ins)

Pinterest (through plug-ins)

Targeting cookies may include profiling cookies for advertising purposes and retargeting.

Profiling cookies for advertising purposes: they create user profiles to serve ads that are in line with the preferences showed by users as they surf the web;

Retargeting cookies: they are used to serve ads relating to products that are similar to those into which you showed an interest (e.g. displaying pages on products that you have visited on our website when you browse affiliate websites) or to measure effectiveness of (our or third parties) marketing campaigns.


  1. Social Media Cookies (requiring your prior consent)Furthermore, our website allows certain social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) to install their own cookies by means of their plug-ins. Such cookies are directly managed by third parties and may also be used to serve ads to you that are in line with your preferences, when you browse other websites. You can freely choose not to allow these cookies from the start, or you can disable these cookies later, through the Privacy Preference Center (more information on this is provided below).

Performance, Functional, Targeting and Social Media Cookies shall only be installed upon your prior consent. For this reason, when you access our website, a special banner informs you that our website uses cookies, belonging to us or to third parties, for various purposes and asks you to provide specific consent to the use of those cookies. We will track your consent (if given) by means of a dedicated Strictly Necessary Cookie. As a result, the banner on cookies shall not be displayed anymore if you visit again our website in future. Should you decide to delete Strictly Necessary Cookies after your visit to our website, please bear in mind that we will lose track of your consents and, as a consequence, the banner on cookies will be presented to you again, at your next visit of our website. At any time, you may freely decide to block the setting of any cookies on this website, through the Privacy Preference Center, or via your browser (though blocking certain functional cookies may prevent the operation of some functionalities of the website) You can also freely withdraw any previously given consent for profiling cookies by the same means, without affecting your ability to visit the website and avail of the relevant contents. If you wish to learn more on how to do block the use of cookies on the website (and third-party cookies in particular), please carefully read the below section, as well as the third-party cookie policies provided below.

How to enable and disable cookies

You may decide whether you want to allow cookies to be installed or not also by using our cookie management platform or your browser’s setting area. However, should you disable one or more cookies, certain features of this website may be impaired as a result (please bear in mind that browsing cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the basic features of the website). 

The browser configuration relating to this choice may also be monitored and modified in your browser’s settings panel. Please select your browser among those below to receive information about how to modify the relevant cookie settings.






You can also do so via the Privacy Preference Center which is accessible thorough the cookie settings at the bottom of this page.

Third party cookies requiring consent:

The installation of Performance, Targeting and Social Media Cookies belonging to third parties, as well as any other activity relating to such cookies, including collection and processing of information, shall be the responsibility of such third parties. If you wish to learn more on such cookies and the third parties that may access the information collected or on how to enable or disable them, you may read the cookie policies of such third parties by clicking any of the following links (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Google Analytics: []
  • Google Doubleclick: []
  • Facebook: []
  • Pinterest: []
  • Twitter: []

In addition, certain advertising networks allow you to deny consent to customized communications. This will not prevent cookies from being installed, but will suspend the use and collection of certain data by the advertisers affiliated to the network. Please note that, although such networks include many of the leading advertising companies, a third party that sets cookies through the website may not belong to any such networks and, as a consequence, you may continue to receive cookies from said third party. If you wish to learn more on this matter, we invite you to visit the following address:

The processing of personal data of the users is carried out by Ferrero International S.A., with administrative office in 16, route de Trèves, L-2633 Senningerberg, in its capacity as data controller. If you wish any further information concerning the methods and purposes of the processing as well as the exercise of the rights granted to users under the General EU Data Protection Regulation and the e-Privacy EU Regulation please carefully read our privacy policy. We recommend and encourage you to regularly check this Cookie Policy to become aware of any amendments to it.